Mike Dickerson – IMI National Observer

I carry out pre-test assessments and conduct mock tests prior to our associates taking their IAM test. I enjoy giving demonstration drives, when necessary, to explain a technique and also giving talks to other groups. I have the honour to be President of the Group.




selwynSelwyn Gough – IAM Local Observer

I have been associated with Chesterfield IAM for 26 years and it has helped me in so many ways with my career and personal life. I hope that I have progressed sufficiently during that period to continue to learn and also to pass on the IAM ideas to anybody else wishing to progress in their driving ambitions.



Neil Ramsdale – IMI Local Observer

I joined the group in 2000 and became a qualified observer in 2007. I’m now retired having previously worked as a carer. My main interests include driving (obviously!) and travelling.




Roger Bates – IMI Local Observer

I passed my basic car test in 1960 and driving has always been a part of my life and career. I joined the group in 2008 and passed my IAM car test in the same year. I became a qualified observer in 2010. Previously I was an electrician but now that I am retired I have time to take associates out to offer guidance to car drivers.



Ray Parker – IMI National Observer





Tony Pope – IMI Local Observer





Paul Daly – IMI Local Observer





Craig Holmes – IMI Trainee Observer





Roger Ward – IMI Local Observer