The DSA driving test does not normally cover driving at night or on motorways. We have a number of people who come to us to gain confidence for both night and motorway driving. The latter usually because they are nervous at the thought of it, or simply because they have never been on one before.

The motorway should be the safest kind of road to drive on because all traffic is going the same way. With some guidance on how to cope with entering, driving on and leaving a motorway you will find that you will drive with confidence.

We are quite happy to take people out at night and guide them on how to cope with night driving. Speed and distance is harder to judge at night so a little guidance on this subject goes a long way, again to boost your confidence.

These courses are open to all people who wish to improve their driving skills and anyone who just wants to improve their confidence on our roads.

Below is a set of products that the IAM offer which you may be interested in:

Taster Programmes
Mature Driver Review
Drive Check Plus
Younger Driver Assessment

Advanced Driving
Skill for Life
Skill for Life (Fast Track)